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bearing manufacturer
is a bearing manufacturer in Taiwan. We specializes in producing slide bearings, semi-precision bearings, balling bearings, thrust bearings, metal bearings, plastic bearings, brass roller bearings and so on. Our bearing manufacturer founded in 1995, and we expanded our factory in 2005.
bearing manufacturer is a qualified manufacturer. We provide self-produced bearings and also welcome OEM orders. All of our bearings have passed stringent QC inspection before packaging and delivery. We can supply a wide variety of high quality bearings backed by reliable service to meet various customer requirements.
We are specialized as a slide bearing manufacturer. A slide bearing is a bearing designed to provide free motion in one dimension. There are many different types of bearing manufacturer, however is a specialized slide bearing manufacturer. Our slide bearing can be used in drawers, drawer slides, sliding doors, windows, conveyors, medical instruments and OA Equipment. Our bearing manufacturer also provides Aluminum Door Round Block. 
We are also specialized as a professional ball bearing manufacturer. A ball bearing is a type of rolling element bearing which uses balls to maintain the separation between the moving parts of the bearing. As a bearing manufacturer, we provide the bearing which can be used in industrial wheels, agricultural machinery and cars. Compared to other rolling-element bearings, the ball bearing is the least expensive, primarily because of the low cost of producing the balls used in the bearing.
regularly bearing manufacturer develops new bearing models and has steadily enhanced its production capacity and product quality. Our bearings are well suited for construction applications, industrial wheels/casters, sports equipments, Kitchen/bathroom equipment, and furniture items. Our bearing manufacturer located in Taiwan, we accepted all kinds of OEM bearing products. As a professional bearing OEM, our hot products include: bearing hardware, aluminum door round block, brass roller bearing, bearing for kitchen cabinets and slide bearing.

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